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What are some early signs of kidney disease? Read the linked article to find out what to look for if you think you may be predisposed to kidney problems or if you have unexplained symptoms like fatigue, dizziness or back pain.

If you are confused about kidney dialysis and want some basic information about it, read this brief article: http://mednewsyoucanuse.com/SomeFactsAboutHemodialysis.html

Web Diabetes Guide is a good source of information for learning to live with diabetes.

Are you carrying a little (or a lot of) extra weight around and want to get rid of it? Have you tried diet pills and pre-prepared meal programs and found the results less than great? Obesity is a growing health problem, especially in the United States. The most effective way for you to lose weight/fat and keep it off permanently is to take charge and become Your Own Weight Loss Coach!

Certain high quality nutritional supplements are reported to address many of the factors involved in the aging process, including those which affect male sexual health. Read Herbal Supplements for Male Sexual Health.

Sex after cancer treatments can often be something that requires special attention and patience. Your doctor is mostly concerned about stopping your cancer, so sometimes important quality of life issues are neglected. You can take responsibility for your own sexual recovery after cancer. Read Sex and Intimacy After Cancer and Great Sex After Cancer Treatment.

Warts on your hands, feet and other areas of your body can be unsightly and painful. Fortunately, most warts can be safely removed using natural remedies without the time and expense of formal medical treatment. Read Removing Plantar Warts to learn more.

New studies are revealing that Vitamin D in larger doses than currently recommended by the FDA has significant health benefits. Vitamin D is crucial in preventing osteoporosis and appears to lower the incidence of many types of cancer. Read Improve Your Health With Vitamin D Supplements. Vitamin D has also been shown to drastically cut the risk of heart disease. Read Vitamin D and Heart Disease,

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a vaccine to guard against several strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted infection known to cause cervical cancer, genital warts, and several other cancers. Read more about the new vaccine in The HPV Vaccine: What You Need to Know.

Chronic back pain is a major cause of lost work hours, aside from just being a pain in the back. Fortunately, most back pain is caused by lifestyle habits that can be easily modified to eliminate most back problems. Read how to Manage Back Pain Without Drugs now.

Are you concerned about minor memory lapses or episodes of confusion in yourself or someone you love? Are you worried that these may be symptoms of early stage dementia? Read Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease for timely information.

If you have questions or concerns about the FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee and its impending review of the safety of erythropoiesis stimulating agents, or ESAs, the class of drugs including Amgen's Aranesp and Epogen and Johnson & Johnson's Procrit, in cancer treatments, you should visit ESAFacts.org for continuing updates.

PROCRIT and Aranesp are drugs in the category known as ESAs, or Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents. Both products are manufactured versions of a natural human protein, a growth factor called Erythropoietin, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. ESAs have been on the market for many years, and have primarily been administered to patients undergoing kidney dialysis, and to patients undergoing cancer treatment. PROCRIT is sold by the Ortho Biotech Products division of Johnson & Johnson and Aranesp is sold by Amgen. Both drugs are available by presciption only and are given by subcutaneous (under the skin) injection. Many years of clinical use has proven that ESAs are effective in stimulating the production of red blood cells, and they are widely accepted by many patients and oncologists as a standard part of many cancer treatment regimens. Unfortunately, over the last few years a significant body of evidence has accumulated that raises doubts about the safety of ESAs when given to cancer patients. Read the rest of this article at Are ESA's Safe for Cancer Patients?.

Rosacea is a long-term abnormal skin condition that results in redness, pimples and sometimes thickening of the skin. There are many different degrees of rosacea with a range of severity and extent of skin involved. Rarely it affects other parts of the body, but in most cases rosacea is limited to the face. About one in two people with rosacea have eye problems associated with the condition that can include redness, itching and burning. Although many theories are the subject of medical research, no one knows what causes this disease. Read Coping With Rosacea -- Part I.

Part II of this article considers some of the natural remedies that might be helpful to people with mild to moderate rosacea. Read Coping With Rosacea -- Part II.

Do you have stomach problems that are making you miserable? Conditions like acid reflux disease can make your days long and your sleepless nights even longer. There are a lot of prescription medications available today for such conditions but many people prefer to avoid taking too many pills. Natural acid reflux remedies provide welcomed relief for many sufferers. Read Can These Acid Reflux Remedies Help You?

Every parent dreads having their child come home from school with head lice. Within the first month of school I can pretty much guarantee that I will receive the letter. I�m sure you�ve received it, too. It�s the letter that states something along the lines of, �Dear Parent, This is to inform you that there has been a case of head lice in your child�s class room�� Not the letter we like to receive. In fact, the first time you receive that letter you may panic, but don�t fear � it really isn�t the end of the world. Read Will Your Child Come Home From School With Head Lice?.

Have you ever awakened in the night with such agonizing pain in your side that you writhed around on the floor the rest of the night unable to stay still, get up, sleep, or take any rational action to help yourself? If you have ever had kidney stones, you know what I am talking about. If you�ve had one kidney stone, you have a forty to fifty percent chance of a second kidney stone showing up later. Kidney stones are one of the most common and painful urinary tract ailments. Your chances of getting a kidney stone are higher if you are a male. Knowing this, you may ask yourself is there a natural kidney stone cure I make use of to participate in my healing? Read Desperate for a Kidney Stone Cure?

Have you fallen ill with a fever that won't go away? Are you the outdoors type? Have you spent a lot of time this summer roaming the woods, hiking, camping, climbing, hunting or fishing? Could you have a tick bite that you are not even aware of? If so, you might have contracted lyme disease and need to consult with your doctor about the appropriate lyme disease treatment. Find out more in Could That Mysterious Fever Call for Lyme Disease Treatment?

Have you ever wondered how Cro Magnon people survived without television and its endless stream of commercials for prescription medicines to treat constipation? Did your grandma know more about natural remedies for constipation than your doctor's pin-striped drug rep? Irregularity can be downright uncomfortable but over the counter and prescription medications for the problem can make things worse. Finding natural remedies for constipation would be much better for you and your intestines. There are a few things you can do to get things back in order. These natural remedies for constipation won�t make you run to the bathroom every ten minutes, either. Read Did Your Grandma Know Natural Remedies for Constipation? for more information.

You can see why people call it "toenail rot," even though that is not the correct medical term for the condition. Nail fungus can make your toe nails and even your fingernails look like they are rotting away when the nails turn an unsightly yellow and become unnaturally thick. An infection of the nails by fungi (called onychomycosis in medical terminology) is not simply a cosmetic problem; it is not inherited; and it is contagious. A nail fungus infection must be taken seriously. It can be cured permanently if it is treated correctly, but if it is ignored or simply covered up, it can do substantial damage that may be permanent. Read Toenail Rot: Nail Fungus and How to Treat It and How to Treat Toenail Rot in 2008.

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Lysosomal Diseases respond to enzyme replacement therapy.
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